If you have reached this page, that means that you and I have discussed your nonprofit planning needs and have agreed that you would benefit from my Consulting Package. Keep reading below to go over the details of the consulting package, make your purchase, and let's get down to work! 


I look forawrd to helping you launch your nonprofit! 

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Hands-on Assistance in Creating your Nonprofit Business Plan


Completion of Your State's Nonprofit Incorporation Paperwork


Completion of the IRS Application for Tax-Exemption with all Accompanying Documentation.


10 hours of online, phone, or in person coaching




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Pay Monthly for 5 months. TOTAL = $6,750

(Save $330 on once cycle. TOTAL = $2,600)

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This package includes ALL of this...

Organizational Business Plan

Let's work together to produce a well researched document with all necessary attachments, ready to be viewed by potential investors, partners, funders, fiscal sponsors and other potential stakeholders. We'll work together to:  

•  Clarify mission, vision, and values
•  Define program activities and services
•  Research data to justify the need for such activities and services
•  Identify human resources needs including staff, volunteers, and board of directors
•  Create a 1-3 year projected organizational budgets 
•  Explore strategic partnerships
•  Identify possible funding sources
•  SWOT Analysis
•  Explore risks and risk mitigation tactics
•  Identify evaluation methodologies 

State Incorporation Application*

Making sure your application has the correct language to obtain tax exempt status

IRS Tax Exempt Application*

Assistance completing the Application for tax exemption and all of its accompanying documents, including: 

  • By-Laws 

  • Conflict of Interest Policy 

  • Statement of Activities 

  • Budgets 

  • Fundraising Plans 

  • All other required schedules and attachments 

10 Hours of One on One Coaching

Let me coach you through any thoughts, feelings, hesitations and concerns you have about starting your nonprofit. A huge part of launching any business is dealing with the questions, concerns, and uncertainties that arise along the way. This is where an experienced, knowledgeable business coach comes into play. Each hour spent in coaching, gets your mind and heart ready to launch!

*Note: Preparation of applications does not equal the filing of paperwork. After Groundwork for Change LLC has prepared your paperwork, you will still need to file the completed paperwork with the appropriate agencies, and submit their filing fees, which may vary from state to state. 

With a solid plan, and all your paperwork in order, you'll finally be ready to launch your nonprofit. 


Create a professional business plan to strategize the launch of your nonprofit.

Get Clear

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Get Coached

A like-minded community of people, offering support, accountability, and motivation! 


This recipe for success will have you ready to launch your nonprofit faster than you would be alone. 


Here's what one client had to say:

"The completion of the business plan has allowed me to move ahead at a much faster pace in attaining the goals that I have set in place. More important, seeing everything come to life on paper after being "in my head" for years has been a huge motivation factor both personally as well as professionally." 

And when asked what he liked best about working with me, the client said: 

" The accuracy to which my thoughts, plans and ideas were translated to paper. Soon into the process I was put at ease with the knowledge that I was working with a true professional. The reliability, and consistency with regard to the process and follow up." 


                                                                        Bobby Ferazi,

                                                                                                            Founder and Director of Thompson Drive

Let's get to work!

Pay Monthly for 5 months. TOTAL = $6,750