Starting a new program at your organization? Well, start with a Program Plan! A program plan is a strategic outline of the activities and resources required to execute successful program implementation. A program plan helps an individual or team to clarify their goals, define their activities, establish budgets, and think about evaluation from the very beginning. Excellent programs start with excellent program plans!



Clarify your vision, establish your objectives, identify strategic partners, develop an organizational budget, and explore all the major details of forming your nonprofit organization. A good business plan is the first step to making your nonprofit dream a reality.



A strategic plan is a sort of "game plan" that guides an organization's work efforts over a specified period of time - typically the subsequent 3-5 years. This type of planning engages stakeholders at all levels of the organization in order to assess its current situation and resources, and create a roadmap towards future growth and stability. Strategic planning allows organizations to be responsive to their environments, instead of simply being reactive. Hire Groundwork for Change to facilitate your next strategic planning process. 


G4C Founder, Inacent Saunders, has a passion and skill for leading and stabilizing nonprofit initiatives during times of transition. Relying on her personal nonprofit leadership experience, as well as her experience managing the operations of 20+ nonprofit organizations while serving for a Phoenix-based nonprofit incubator, she is skilled at assessing organizations and making changes (or recommendations for changes) to systems, processes and procedures necessary for organizational success. In 2020, she pursued and received a Certificate in Interim Executive Leadership from the Third Sector Company. She welcomes invitations to apply for interim leadership of organizations in transition. 

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