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Anyone who has ever rolled out a new program knows that first-time implementation is seldom without mishaps. Luckily, many of the most common pitfalls can be avoided with the development of a program plan - a strategic outline of the activities and resources required to execute successful program implementation. A program plan helps an individual or team to clarify their goals, define their activities, establish budgets, and think about evaluation from the very beginning. Excellent programs start with excellent program plans!



In today's world of "getting to outcomes", organizations have to prove their efficacy if they are going to remain competitive and relevant in their issue area. In fact, their sustainability relies, in large part, on their ability to measure success and present their results to the public in a meaningful way. To this end, program evaluation - the process of gathering, analyzing, and using data to ensure program quality - is a necessary part of program implementation. Groundwork for Change can help you develop a program evaluation plan, including identifying appropriate evaluation methods, tools, and processes needed to capture your program's impact.  



A strategic plan is a sort of "game plan" that guides an organization's work efforts over a specified period of time - typically the subsequent 3-5 years. This type of planning engages stakeholders at all levels of the organization in order to assess its current situation, take an inventory of its resources, and plan how to move forward in using/growing those resources in the development of programs to meet their mission. Strategic planning allows organizations to be responsive to their environments, instead of simply being reactive. Hire Groundwork for Change to facilitate your next strategic planning process. 


Ongoing training and development is imperative for success in every professional field. The nonprofit sector is no different. New and established social service organizations should constantly be assessing their staff and board for training needs. Groundwork for Change creates tailor-made workshops for your staff or board to ensure they're meeting your professional standards. Contact us today to inquire about our training packages. 


  • Nonprofit Business Plans - Clarify your vision, establish your objectives, identify strategic partners, develop an organizational budget, and explore all the major details of forming your nonprofit organization. A good business plan is the first step to making your nonprofit dream a reality. 

  • Grant Readiness Assessment and Grant Writing - Whether you're trying to get your first major grant, or your 100th, are you sure you're "grant ready"? Do you have the necessary elements in place to craft a winning grant proposal? If not, we'll help you identify what's missing. When you're ready, we'll write a winning grant template or apply directly to the grant opportunity you've identified.


  • Management Coaching - When managers encounter issues that they can't wrap their heads around, or when they simply need some direction on a matter they've never had to tackle before, it's useful to talk to an experienced colleague that's a bit removed from the situation. Groundwork for Change provides management coaching sessions for the nonprofit leader in need of feedback, recommendations, or a fresh perspective.

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